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86) Both agreements required Abbott to pay several million dollars in exchange for the generics forbearing from market entry until a specified date, until some other generics firm successfully brought a generic equivalent of Hytrin to market, or until a final unappealable ruling holding the patents in question invalid.
Publication bias"--the fact that published decisions are just the tip of the iceberg, and unpublished or unwritten orders may be very different (254)--is especially salient for discovery rulings, which often deny discovery in unwritten, unappealable (255) oral orders at court conferences.
243) At the end of this three-day quorum call, the Speaker could then present to the House an unappealable "catastrophic quorum failure report" concluding that a calamity has taken place, a large number of members are incapacitated, and that, as a consequence, the House is unable to assemble a majority of its whole number to do business.
Precariousness and ultimate failure (if we persist in measuring success by an old rationalistic standard) are certainly the destiny of these attempts [at making the world rational], but through this failure we gain something perhaps more precious than the certainty that we are losing: a freedom vis-a-vis the different forms of identification, which are impotent to imprison us within the network of an unappealable logic.
Similarly, the product of border bureaucracy is a structure of decisions that make unappealable and unmourned the exclusion from the community.
The black flag exclusion is unappealable and it can only make the situation worse if you ignore it.
Once a Final Order is issued, the penalty is unappealable.
Besides, it is not only the width of the circle that increases the number of contrasting opinions; it is the very nature of literature that impedes unanimity and does not allow for concluding possible disputes with an immediate and unappealable sentence.
And many settlements take place between the verdict and a final, unappealable decision, Nugent said.
And arbitration decisions are "essentially unappealable," Fink said, "so if there is an outcome that the employer thinks is bad or even inconsistent or flawed, there's nothing the employer can do about it.
The court held, inter alia, that a judgment rejecting the exception of prematurity is interlocutory and unappealable in the absence of a showing of irreparable injury.