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Proxy statements, by nature, are lengthy and graphically unappealing, with big blocks of text and few pictures," says Barbara Whelahan, a columnist for the financial website bankrate.
One of the unappealing qualities of this book is that, in some places, ego tends to win.
Many Mexican communities have drinking water laced with unsafe levels of arsenic and unappealing amounts of sand and other solids.
Dealing with parents who are far more interested in their rights than their responsibilities; leading a workforce where low morale is endemic; and, above all, working with the most unappealing generation of youngsters this country has ever produced are hardly incentives to put your neck on the block.
The bunker buster, or Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP)--and other new weapons like 5-kiloton, "usable" mini-nukes--keep showing up on Pentagon budget proposals like unappealing chef's specials.
There's a need for such markets in areas of color, where oftentimes the supermarkets and corner stores contain old, unappealing and anything-but-nutritious fruits and vegetables.
But there's nothing inherently unappealing about the bus.
The lowest number of conceptions occurred in July and August, when the steamy airless nights make the thought of contact with even a bloodless sheet unappealing.
One pilot said the ease of the helmet system makes the idea of returning to the "old-fashioned" system unappealing, but he also recognizes the importance of meticulous training, fitting, and assembly on the new system.
While the term leftovers often brings to mind unwanted or unappealing reheated meals, a recent study reveals that Americans are hungry for yesterday's dinner.
DOWN Coronation Street Fred Elliott, a man so unappealing even the Yes Car Credit woman would say no, appears to be gearing up for another marriage proposal - this time to Miss Sham Siam herself, Orchid.
When she complained to her manager about this behavior, he faced an unappealing array of choices.