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Gas stations topped the list of establishments where respondents noted negative restroom experiences; with their most frequent complaints including an overall unappealing appearance, empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers, and partition doors that don't latch closed.
"Under your proposal, Cadbury would be absorbed into Kraft's low-growth, conglomerate business model, an unappealing prospect which contrasts sharply with our strategy to be a pure play confectionery company," he said.
After all, what looks fab bathed in warm sunshine and bright light can suddenly look distinctly unappealing in the cold, harsh light of winter.
THE points were shared after an unappealing London derby of few chances.
At first, I thought Eve was struggling badly with that unappealing voice and those unappealing mannerisms.
But the overall message reaching them is muddled and unappealing. Perhaps the search for an IT champion should begin."
As a unique cellulase preparation, BakeZyme WholeGain can combat the issues of reduced volume and unappealing crumb, which often occur when producing high fibre bread.
Of course Lord Coe and the usual London Olympic mafia were gushing with their praise for the official logo, but I think most ordinary people find it pointless, too arty, unappealing and totally self-important.
Richardson said the airline takes advantage of underserved markets that other carriers may view as unappealing, often flying to areas that can be described as "challenging destinations" such as Syria and Lebanon or Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in Central Asia.
"Prior to the renovation, Aaron Burr Hall was known as a bland and aesthetically unappealing academic building," says David Zaiser, partner at KSS.
Although beautifully, almost lyrically written the story is unappealing since it deals with societal misfits who do weird things for bizarre reasons.
When he declared that the ten pounds I'd gained since our wedding date simply made me look unappealing from the waist down, I increased my exercise routine and cut out all carbohydrates.