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Conventional monetary policy remains very stimulative, which manifests itself in the unappetisingly low interest rates available to depositors at their high-street banks.
UAE consumers drink approximately three cups of instant -- unappetisingly called "soluble" by industry professionals -- for every one of strained coffee, an indication that the market C remains small.
This one thing masquerading - so unappetisingly - as the other?
As Gordon witnessed the nightly calamity at this Basil Fawlty-style diner, it became unappetisingly clear that Cadbury shrimps were not the worst of Laurence's culinary crimes.
Mark Butcher's side are unappetisingly short at 8-13 to beat the Cidermen, who have veered back and forth from dismissive to dreadful in both forms of the game so far this campaign, given that this time last week at The Oval Sussex chased down 272 relatively cosily and the next day Kent only stumbled late in pursuit of 223 in a rain-shortened 30- over affair at Canterbury.
I had home-made mushroom soup (pounds 2.65) which looked unappetisingly grey but was piping hot and delicious.
Where once upon a time his heartfelt ballads weregoosebump-inducing, these days they've become unappetisingly cheesy, not to mention very samey.