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Save cut fruit from browning: We all know that a little squeeze of lemon juice can keep apple slices from looking unappetizing.
Laura Ries, a marketing consultant based in Atlanta, noted McDonald's risks bringing up unappetizing thoughts some people may never have heard about.
Farah Sheikh, the girl behind Fed Up, the blog where teens post pics of their unappetizing school lunches, offers good-for-you caf food swaps that actually taste amazing, too.
There was this security guard in my apartment and his name was an unappetizing combination of food and shrubbery: Paya Gul.
Patent trolls find us unappetizing," Mark Griffin, Overstock.
Their family is one of thousands forced to "evacuate," first to a temporary relocation center and then to an internment camp in Idaho, where living conditions are as bleak as the landscape: long lines, bugs, unappetizing food, and holes in the ground that serve as toilets.
Although unappetizing, it had the desired effect: Exposure to the dog-house dust greatly toned down immune reactions in the mice that were exposed to a common trigger, cockroach allergen.
Be warned, however, that the reconstituting process generates an unappetizing odor.
In a nation founded largely by Eastern European immigrants, many of whom are Poles, Polish cooking is perceived as the primordial and unappetizing ooze that dominated all dishes until our palates began evolving, stood up erect, and sought their thrills in other, distant flavors.
With aging, one's sense of smell and taste diminish, making food taste especially bland and unappetizing.
Choose one that features generous portions of sunflower seeds and millet, but avoid those with large helpings of unappetizing fillers such as wheat, milo, and corn.
A solution finally may be at hand for the number-one consumer gripe about America's favorite fresh fruit: bananas and their tendency to quickly ripen and soften into an unappetizing mush.