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Not only were Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle unapprised of the meeting, they were specifically banned from being told under orders of the British Chief of Staff, who dreaded their reaction.
Probably they are unapprised to the fact that to become a star, for all intents and purposes, it's important to become an actor first.
For the unapprised, AE[umlaut]ropostale is the famous US retail brand for apparels and accessories and is now eyeing the young and trendy people of UAE.'
Unequivocally, SPLM Leaders and their unapprised supporters dredge up irrelevant claims to us that we can change the name of our party to something else that does not bear the acronym SPLM.
Against a backdrop of two decades of feminist, post-colonial, and post-modern scholarship on difference, Talbott's unreflective confidence in the original position seems unapprised.
While the Rapid test is a breakthrough in HIV care, uninformed use will leave many people who test positive unprepared to receive their results and unapprised of their medical, financial and other resources.
It is unacceptable that people are left unapprised of developments regarding their claims, said Ms Phumuzile Ngwenya Mabila, the Chairperson of the Committee.
The nature of the stock durable power of attorney--its modest execution requirements, current accessibility, and the fact that it is often provided by public service organizations potentially unapprised of changes in Missouri case law--has generated concern about whether a drafting revision is a sufficient remedy.
To Conduct a 2D survey of all unapprised sedimentary basins for establishment of potential natural gas resources in Odisha.