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This led to the decision to destroy the dog, which was extremely aggressive and unapproachable," the statement said.
What may be most discouraging about this normal human condition is that if we begin our day in a bad mood, we are likely to remain moody and unapproachable for the entire day.
Meri Huws has put herself in the position of not responding to the Freedom of Information Act in refusing to be accountable, unapproachable and untouchable, despite being a public servant.
Lahore -- Due to high prices the vegetables and other food items are unapproachable for general masses due to rise in prices in bazaars organized for Ramazan in various cities including Lahore have badly irked local residents.
He informed that helicopters of Army Aviation would be also used in case of fire outbreak in unapproachable areas.
at different places of amritnagar group of mines, required for safety evaluation of main railway line of eastern railway over unapproachable old underground galleries of k.
Evans, or Beef as he was nicknamed, was a bully who was authoritative, threatening and unapproachable.
Many people have preconceptions about people in positions of great authority - that they are going to be aloof, humourless and unapproachable.
He described as a unique man who was "grand yet simple, unapproachable yet friendly…flexible and uncompromising, an idealist but at the same time a realist".
Unapproachable Underwriter continues to be uncomfortable with what he has seen and heard.
The heat, 118 degrees in the shade, seemed to turn everything into an abstraction, removed and unapproachable.
Overdressing can make you seem stuffy and unapproachable.