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Unapproachable leaders don't have to be in-your-face aggressive or unfriendly.
Marie would like to warn him to contact an employment lawyer, but he is so unapproachable that she wouldn't know how to begin the conversation.
The former personal assistant of JK Rowling, has labelled the Harry Potter author as 'generous but unapproachable' as the fraud case against continues at Airdrie Sheriff Court.
Its gnarly appearance makes it seem tough and unapproachable, but it is actually tender and lovable once you get to know it.
They are completely unapproachable and she wishes that she could open a channel of communication with them.
A decision was made to shoot the dog following a six-hour operation by Cleveland Police officers who tried to rescue the animal which became "extremely aggressive and unapproachable."
You might be sitting in a bar with your friends looking absolutely lovely but if you're not talking to anyone and seem unapproachable, then people won't talk to you.
Standing with head down and absorbed with the small screen makes you unapproachable. You are cocooned within your own world and do not have to make the effort to converse.
"That's actuarially impossible." Unapproachable Underwriter says.
* A surgeon with a reputation for being unapproachable arrives for surgery in a particularly bad mood.
She said: "I struggled at first to find a suitable lender and found many of the banks I spoke to very unapproachable. Yorkshire Bank was recommended to me and Simon has been brilliant.
Meri Huws has put herself in the position of not responding to the Freedom of Information Act in refusing to be accountable, unapproachable and untouchable, despite being a public servant.