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6 million of unused money from the neighborhood councils into the unappropriated balance.
Yet 13 years later, Lincoln assembled the militia, enlarged the Army and Navy beyond their authorized numbers, suspended habeas, spent unappropriated funds, and instituted a naval blockade of the southern ports, all without congressional approval.
That excludes a contingency fund and unappropriated ending fund balance totaling $4.
Years ended March 31, 2007 and 2006 ([yen] thousand) 2007 2006 Net sales 5,357,360 5,083,934 Cost of sales 4,245,697 4,354,997 Gross profit 1,111,662 728,936 Selling, general and administrative expenses 599,845 498,502 Operating income 511,817 230,434 Non-operating income 30,378 54,023 Non-operating expenses 18,088 11,656 Ordinary income 524,108 272,800 Extraordinary income -- 35,326 Extraordinary loss 43,558 120,363 Income before income taxes 480,549 187,764 Income taxes -- current 246,373 145,423 Income taxes -- deferred (27,686) (13,957) Net income 261,863 56,298 Unappropriated retained earnings brought -- 267,925 forward Unappropriated retained earnings for the term -- 324,224
appropriation any unappropriated water which may be required for project
To date, $727 million of HAVA authorized funding remains unappropriated.
42,920,650 out of the unappropriated profits for the issuance of 4,292,065 bonus share.
These instructions also discuss Schedule M-2, "Analysis of Unappropriated Retained Earnings per Books," as follows:
Energy Actions During FY 2002, districts took various measures to improve energy efficiency Renovated or retrofitted existing facilities 47% Locked in rates with one or more energy vendors 44 Participated in consortia to negotiate with third-party vendors 33 instituted or increased fees to use facilities 15 Closed schools or sent students home early for at least one day per week 6 Budget Shortfalls When they encountered budget shortfalls, districts: Reallocated funds from other programs 75% Used an unappropriated surplus 53 Used a large portion of non-personnel budget 46 Raised school taxes 8 Rolled over the unbudgeted amount to the next fiscal year 8 Used short-term loans 7
The so-called counterpart funds accumulating for American purposes in European currencies, five percent of the value of the aid provided under the Marshall Plan, filled out the soaring unappropriated budgets of the OPC.
Moreover, if Schedule L is eliminated, there would be no need for Schedule M-2 -- Analysis of Unappropriated Retained Earnings per Books to be included with the return.
Legal requirements for dividends vary from state to state, but most states require a positive balance in unappropriated retained earnings before a dividend may be declared.