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In addition, the Emirate Council was alleged to have spent over N1.9 billion unappropriated on seemingly personal expenditures, making the total sum of the questionable expenditures.
The HMTF currently has a $9 billion unappropriated balance.
The poll comes weeks after Trump declared a national emergency to allocate unappropriated funding to build a border wall.
Implementation considerations and best practices: Organizations should continue to internally track the corpus of endowments, unappropriated earnings, and underwater amounts on a unitized basis (for each separate endowment) due to legal reasons and the fact that the nature of net asset restrictions was not removed from ASU 2016-14.
The balance of the unappropriated surplus would be used for one-time expenses.
unappropriated to the extent needed to accomplish the purpose of the
There is a balance of P43,887,146.00 which remain unappropriated.
The Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) of 2014 also authorized port-related projects, however authorized projects were often left unappropriated in the federal appropriations cycle.
reserved the unappropriated waters appurtenant to the land for the
unappropriated funds, he invariably sought ex post authorization from
The company maintained a comfortable cushion of 'unappropriated profit' amounting to Rs23.5bn.
FILE -- Egyptian House of Representatives Parliament's Housing, Public Utilities and New Urban subcommittee is considering the establishment of municipal courts to settle disputes relating to the unappropriated land encroachments and building violations.