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Carthoris shouted to the Lotharian, warning him back, for he knew that he could but uselessly sacrifice his life by placing himself, all unarmed, in the path of the cruel and relentless savages.
With savage warriors of the hordes of Torquas charging toward her from one direction, and no less implacable enemies, in the form of the creatures of Astok, Prince of Dusar, bearing down upon her from another, while only a banth, a red warrior, and an unarmed bowman were near to defend her, her plight was quite hopeless and her cause already lost ere ever it was contested.
In an interview with the Inquirer on Tuesday, Albayalde said the officers who took part in Tokhang - the operation where police knock on the doors of drug suspects and seek their surrender-were unarmed.
The spokesperson said the Indian forces kill innocent and unarmed Kashmiris on their choice and there was nobody to ask them why they shower bullets on unarmed protesters every now and then.
While many of the year-to-year patterns remain consistent, the number of unarmed black males killed in 2017 declined from two years ago.
The public procurement, Executable under the conditions described in the instructions and documentation for participation in a procedure with the subject: Security of municipal sites for 2018 and 2019 on 5 lots: - lot 1 "24 hour unarmed security on the territory of the op" blagoebuire ", Gabrovo", - lot 2 "daily unarmed security of the mdt directorate and 24 hour unarmed security of municipal garage on" stoncionna "street, Gabrovo", - lot no.
ISLAMABAD -- PTI chairman Imran Khan has said PTI will support Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) when it takes to streets to protest against killing of unarmed people in Model Town incident.
EVER since the November 2015 terrorist attacks in France, I have asked the following question of police and political leaders alike: In the face of a terrorist attack, what is it you expect an unarmed officer to do while awaiting the arrival of armed specialists?
Among victims of fatal police shootings, blacks are more than twice as likely to have been unarmed as whites, a new study says.
The proposed changes come after several high-profile fatal encounters between police and civilians, particularly among unarmed black men and women.
Israeli atrocities against the innocent and unarmed civilians of Palestine are no secret.
FOOTAGE showing US police leaving an unarmed black teen to die after they shot him has been released by officials.