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Naked and unarmed as I was, I had no desire to face the unseen thing which menaced me.
The ape urged him to hasten in flight, for the wise old anthropoid knew that they two, naked and unarmed, were no match for the sinewy black warriors who would doubtless make some sort of search for them through the jungle.
I looked around me rather nervously, and regretted that I was unarmed.
And this was no disciplined march; it was a stampede--a stampede gigantic and terrible--without order and without a goal, six million people unarmed and unprovisioned, driving headlong.
Do you wish to play the braggart with an unarmed man?
Hence it is that all armed prophets have conquered, and the unarmed ones have been destroyed.
Go in whatever guise you choose; for my part, I shall go unarmed.
One of the chiefs advanced singly and unarmed, bearing the pipe of peace.
But between unarmed men the battle is to the strong, where the strong is no blunderer, and Arthur must sink under a well-planted blow of Adam's as a steel rod is broken by an iron bar.
Euphorbus then ran back into the crowd, after drawing his ashen spear out of the wound; he would not stand firm and wait for Patroclus, unarmed though he now was, to attack him; but Patroclus unnerved, alike by the blow the god had given him and by the spear-wound, drew back under cover of his men in fear for his life.
Now, thought Toby, for a fray; and being unarmed, he besought one of the young men domiciled with Marheyo for the loan of his spear.
He had with him a huge oaken cudgel, but appeared to be otherwise unarmed.