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By leveraging the strength of the partnership and by aligning with a market leader like Magus Cars Ltd, client's benefit by having a much larger and reliable resource to connect with at the retail level, thus delivering the opportunity to connect with new and exciting exotic premium brands including Conquest Vehicles' unique luxury armored (Knight XV) and unarmored (EVADE) vehicles.
The lightness and compactness of the unarmored cable make it easy to handle.
Cable, 25-Kv, Copper Conductor, 3,000 Kcmil, Compact Round, Single Conductor, Dc Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated, Copper-Covered, Polyethylene Jacketed, Unarmored, Furnished On Non-Returnable Steel Reels,For A Price Per Foot Of:
Of Pvc Cable Twin Core Weather Proof Unarmored - 10Mm.
3) copper unarmored Tinned copper multi stand flexible Yellow ISI marked.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Two Core Xlpe Unarmored Aluminium Conductor Cable Of Various Size.