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Such a hero would be "a member of the avant-garde who is capable of perceiving the conspiracy before it is fully obvious to an as yet unaroused public.
THE dotted lines on the two rulers show the average length unaroused and aroused for men, according to the latest scientific studies
Ah make you feel young again, man," one promises, yet the author remains unaroused.
In front of Ai, who shyly opened up her body, Yu's penis remained miserably unaroused.
At least we heard the pop of the cork, though, so suspicions remained unaroused.
Undoubtedly some of the responsibility for our unaroused interest must rest with the media: if you are constantly reading or being told the whole election is a bore, you come to believe it.
After making love, he does feel better and he thanks the Stick Woman for it, but his creative appetite remains unaroused.
To illustrate, a consumer who wants to feel relaxed and unaroused will probably not exhibit enhanced satisfaction, should a service environment be arousing and exciting.
Like the male organ, the clitoris is flaccid when unaroused and erect when aroused.
Use of ICI and VED could also facilitate pleasuring whilst the penis is firm, but this may not involve a reinforcement of his mental arousal -- he could be unaroused but erect.
Nature intended for the glans of the unaroused penis to remain an internal organ (similar to the female clitoris shielded by its hood) with a lubricating mucous membrane as its outer surface, rather than becoming an external skin layer.
Yet my energies were unaroused," Isaac recalled, "and although it seemed to me that my family was dear to me, and that I could not bear to be separated from them, yet, strange and unaccountable as it may seem, I determined to kill them.