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Wolfe Video Productions has announced the 20th-anniversary, remastered, high definition re-release of Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives.
In the last quarter of a marvellous spectacle, it was undiluted, unorganised, unashamed, park football.
We're living in a time when it's cool to be retro, but I don't think that spirit and unashamed energy of great 1980s pop is particularly prevalent today.
FANS of Proms music are set to revel in a night of unashamed flag-waving patriotism this month.
Thanks to her carnal magnificence and her impulsive vehemence, her unashamed exhibition comes close to pathos.
kisses in the sun, picnics, complete rest, not a thought about work, unashamed relaxation" (6).
Unlike much of Protestantism, Rome is innately suspicious of feelings and enthusiasms; still, I can report that my predominant feeling was of a homecoming, of responding to a bell I had long heard toll, of taking my place at a table that had long been set, of finding spiritual companionship among those unashamed to profess the faith of the fathers.
The driver who edges you out in the parking lot/does it again, unashamed, at the checkout.
There's the painful sunburn, the prominence of alcohol wherever he or she may be - and of course loud, vocal disparagement of the beds, the views, the food and generally the unashamed foreignness of it all.
The Advocate tells us, at last, that he has--someone unashamed and happy to be who God made him to be.
The Clampetts actually turned out to be more California than the Californians, as their fierce independence and unashamed individuality-they were who they were-resembled the hippie lifestyles more than anything else.