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FOR years, I was an unashamed romantic, never happier than when ordering a bouquet of flowers which I had chosen myself or organising a special riverside picnic complete with champagne, hamper and ice bucket.
It was unashamed Only Dowd did not have to produce a card there and then.
Significantly, this unashamed exercise in nostalgia was made possible by the banning of traffic in three streets in Kings Heath.
The crooner, whose Blurred Lines collaboration with Pharrell Williams has become a huge hit, is unashamed about getting down while listening to his own voice.
But where he really stood out was in the unashamed rockers like Mr Flick, Dance Forever and Lady Percy, each of which was noisier than this small venue needed, but just as loud as the crowd wanted.
Guitar guru Joe Bonamassa has teamed up with fellow axeman Ron DeJesus and session stars Tal Bergman, Mike Merritt and Renato Neto (Google them - they've worked with just about everyone) for an instrumental album of unashamed high octane funk with a side order of jazz.
However, as Jamie Bowman reports in LDP Arts today (pages 16-17), the latest English National Ballet production, at the Liverpool Empire next week, is an unashamed attempt to give ballet a much wider appeal.
Avowed believers in never re-treading old ground, Tom Chaplin, Tim Rice-Oxley and Richard Hughes returned last autumn with Perfect Symmetry, a collection of stellar pop songs and pure, unashamed energy.
At Burnt Sugar, we're unashamed providers of lovely, sweet treats.
Yes, I am unashamed to say one of mine went down that route only to be handed over to the police by myself and wife, after some soul-searching, as we knew it was the correct thing to do.
Gupta, a journalist and unashamed campaigner for justice, has interview five people from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.