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IN THE wake of the flying circus surrounding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, a couple of questions remained unasked: "Mr President: While both you and Justice Kavanaugh quite understandably now wish to move on and bury recent events in an unmarked grave, foresight suggests that this will hang over the judge like a mushroom cloud for the rest of his life, and will be central to his obituary, so why are you content to expose him and his family to such misery?
The unasked question is in the eyes - 'Can you feed my kids because I can't?"
But there's a decent surprise that, while unasked for, intriguingly moves 'Mazinger Z's' mythology forward.
Two hit-men wait in a basement to carry out a "job", while a dumbwaiter keeps on delivering them food - unasked for.
More and more, it seems like an incredible time suck, filled with never-ending streams of inane cat videos and unasked for political opinions.
We have every sympathy with those needing comforts, but they should not receive them at our unasked cost.
This year's iteration was predicated on the publication in The Hollywood Reporter of Ronen Farrow's damning essay, "My Father, Woody Allen, and the Danger of Questions Unasked." The piece defends his sister, Dylan Farrow, who is a daughter of longtime Allen film actress and former girlfriend Mia Farrow.
It's so exciting to see the horse perform time after time unasked. I'm so fortunate to have a horse like this."
It will captivate children at KS1 as it provides numerous basic facts about chimpanzees--for instance, their grooming habits, their social habits, their methods of communication, their physical attributes, their habitat and food preferences, their skills, their nurturing of the young--but more experienced readers will want to pursue the subject much further as a lot of questions are left unasked let alone unanswered.
"There is no question left unasked by the prosecutor in two years about myself.
The glaring unasked question regarding rescheduling of dustbin collections is why it took so-called austerity for Kirklees to realise they could save PS500k/annum with no impact on service?
No one who is unwanted and unasked for should be ordained, lest the city despise or hate a bishop whom they did not choose."