unasked for

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They had to knock loudly before Silas heard them; but when he did come to the door he showed no impatience, as he would once have done, at a visit that had been unasked for and unexpected.
No one who is unwanted and unasked for should be ordained, lest the city despise or hate a bishop whom they did not choose.
Far from being an endorsement of the unasked for paddling pool he is imposing on the city, the ASA has basically agreed that Coventry Baths has been so chronically neglected by the council as to be beyond refurbishment, and that the city centre is an unfit location even for a national-class sports facility, let alone a world class one.
When the great Bill Shankly finished at Anfield, his successor, the perhaps even greater Bob Paisley, just got on with the job without any unasked for advice from the old gaffer.
U2's decision to allow Apple to market and distribute their new album for free, unasked for onto millions of computers, brought mixed reactions - and a significant backlash.
26 ( ANI ): Facebook has reportedly again tweaked its News Feed by inserting unasked for posts in a bid to help users find conversations of interest.
65 each, but with unasked for marshmallows and cream thrown in at 30p extra per mug) and endless tea and filter coffee (PS2.
But in case racists drew some inaccurate conclusions about who was robbing who, Watson slipped in another, unasked for, table.
Sipping his whisky and water which, unasked for, arrived at the table shortly before he did, McIlvanney, 76, says Laidlaw may have inspired a new generation of Scottish crime writers.
More than half of credit card holders have been sent credit card cheques, nearly all of which were unasked for, research shows.
Topics covered included unfunded mandates, preemptions, federal tax changes that resulted in unasked for reductions in state revenues and unwarranted extensions in the use of federal loan programs or tax exemptions.
So, if you want, stay friends but start dating other people again - and don't make any more unasked for 'romantic' gestures