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In explaining how the Court managed to maintain its independence from external pressures and turn into an agent of democratization, this article has adopted Ginsburg's, Horowitz's, and Stephenson's emphasis on the importance of the diffusion of political power and the institutional design of the Court, but it also pointed to the judges' judicial activism as a main source of their societal support, moral authority, and unassailability.
Because once an untouchable right becomes touchable, it soon withers to inconsequence under a sustained assault--unless a major effort is put forth to resurrect the right's unassailability.
Like the Islamists, they argued that by the eighteenth century, Western instrumental rationality had tipped the balance of Western thinking, allowing knowledge derived in this manner to claim a false unassailability.
That unassailability mirrors a faith created by empire: neither public ridicule nor popular hysteria mattered.
It remains to be seen whether recent global financial events or domestic electoral shifts will simply confirm the unassailability and resilience of the system Wolin portrays, or whether they might produce significant fissures in it, along with more local openings in which the political might flourish.
Many Islamists also reject the western narrative of history and its projection of inevitable "progress" towards a secular modernity; they reject the western view of power-relationships within societies and between societies; they reject individualism as the litmus of progress in society; and, above all, they reject the West's assumption that its empirical approach lends unassailability and objective rationality to its thinking--and universality to its social models.
Massive changes in naval technology during the Victorian era undermined the chauvinistic belief in the Navy's unassailability, and experts misled the Navy "into supposing that technology had changed more than was really the case" (p.
The sublime, in short, provides the temporal self with an even greater sense of its self-sufficiency and unassailability, a kind of mania that allows the temporal subject to claim the spatial infinite that threatened it as its own idea.
Debate about the role of the trustees ('procrustees' one art critic called them) and the unassailability of their tenure followed.