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The client then tells the president that a salesman from Door Manufacturer number 2 recently offered to match its price on unassembled doors bought in bulk.
I started work from assembling unassembled computer tables and, in return, my father paid me some money.
On Monday morning I spotted a sign in the garden of a snowcovered Chester Road property: "Unassembled snowman for sale: cheap."
Then there's that little magic moment when somehow you recognise this relationship between them and are able to amalgamate them into a different, previously unassembled group.
The DSC curves of the complex nanomicelles including assembled and unassembled micelles were shown in Figure 7.
Palma said some of the parts for the unassembled weapons, which included vital components such as barrels, bolts and trigger mechanisms as well as gun chassis upper assemblies, were to be used in an assassination attempt on Duterte.
They arrived via railroad freight cars unassembled and in wooden crates and were stored in a nearby warehouse.
Ships assembled or unassembled - requires less space for inventory storage
Easy Loader can be shipped unassembled via UPS and assembled in 30 minutes.
For example, a completely unassembled imported car, without the use of any local parts, is exempt from 10% of the tariff rate.
Expect to pay about $250 for an unassembled cedar Langstroth hive that includes one hive body and two additional boxes called "supers" for honey storage, as well as 30 frames (10 frames per box) and a lid, cover, bottom board, and screws.
According to Raven Concealment, "The holsters come unassembled, but have an instruction manual and all needed hardware for any accessory combination.