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This style is unassertive yet cooperative, and may be exhibited in the form of selfless charity, yielding to another's point of view, or to settle minor conflicts when a major conflict is anticipated.
A released statement noted not many options were left on the table following "the misfiring, delayed and unassertive handling of public finances in recent years".
Social skills training for unassertive children: A multiple-baseline analysis.
Throughout "The Anniad," Brooks presents Annie as someone of weak will who is humbly unassertive and because, as Claudia Tate suggests, "The Anniad" can be viewed as satirical, making Annie a mock-hero and not someone to be admired, the attributes of unassertiveness and low volition are undesirable for Brooks in the parameters of this narrative, and we can expect through qualitative progression to see further commentary on this topic throughout.
Keeping a firm but vibrant hand on everything, Anne Manson conducted with an unassertive mastery, and a clear joy in the afternoons proceedings.
The association between depression and poor patient-provider communication may extend to other aspects of care, as depressed patients are often disengaged, unassertive, and poorly informed, and therefore may be unlikely to negotiate care or to expect or demand timely and proper care (Rogers, May, and Oliver 2001; Gasket al.
Thomas described conflict resolution in terms of understanding how cooperative or uncooperative the parties are and how assertive or unassertive they are.
Unassertive and submissive aspects of Turkish females have been rewarded by the society, which perpetuated discrimination against the females (Mocan-Aydin, 2000).
Unassertive, unassuming, condescending and quiet, she finds herself a woman of 64 emerging into widowhood as a little old lady.
While Indonesia has seen radical Muslim groups grow increasingly militant, systematic and organized, mainstream Muslims remain unorganized, weak and unassertive when it comes to voicing their perspectives, noted one conference participant.
The disembodied voice comes through the headphones and into the novel as if from nowhere, striking a chord in Alison whose responsiveness entails a 'shutdown' of mental resistance, in large part because the man is fundamentally unassertive.