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Accommodating-both parties are unassertive and cooperative.
This style is reflected in unassertive and uncooperative behavior.
Victims of molestation may also become depressed, unassertive, isolated from others and irritable.
Though often criticized as an unassertive and feckless commander in chief, Madison was, Kleinerman argues, deliberately attempting to establish a model of presidential restraint, demonstrating through his conduct how a president might lead a nation at war without doing violence to the values of republican constitutionalism.
While brown ales are too often murky and unassertive, Durty Brown balances out a big clean malty backbone with lots of bold hops.
They may act in people-pleasing ways, become passive aggressive or even unassertive in order to avoid conflict that may result in rejection of their opinion, position, or choices.
Avoidance is unassertive and uncooperative, and may involve sidestepping issues or withdrawing for a cool-down period before resuming conflict.
On professional front women are expected to be sweet, soft, sensitive, adaptable, gentle, and unassertive and domesticated (Misra, 1998).
The old tension--between Marker's private and social realities as they emerge through fractured voices and personae--gives it a powerful, unassertive quality.
How quiet and unassertive are the marks that make up these images; how loving and patient is the observation that they encapsulate.
A released statement noted not many options were left on the table following "the misfiring, delayed and unassertive handling of public finances in recent years".
The Maps issue gives us a glimpse of what we can expect should our representatives in government remain unassertive in upholding the principle of net neutrality.