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Ethan Ferguson and Daniel Romero both scored first-half unassisted goals for the Titans (5-8, 3-6).
The statement said: "She was caught by her daddy after a long and beautiful unassisted labour.
The main exponent of the play's being unassisted was Tim Murnane.
U83fgeOSxmN) Prince George Starts Walking Unassisted Few Days Before his First Birthday: Royal Family Releases Picture [SEE PHOTO]
Parks' journey was only the 19th solo, unassisted and unsupported expedition to the South Pole in more than 100 years of polar exploration to the world's most southerly point.
Despite not completing the journey in his target of 23 days to break Norwegian Christian Eide's world record, Richard's new British record sees him become the only other person in history alongside Eide to reach the South Pole solo, unsupported and unassisted in less than 30 days.
13], the peak trunk flexion for each of the assisted STS rises was compared with the peak trunk flexion of the unassisted STS rises using the MT strategy.
5 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee will visit Mumbai on Saturday to attend the concluding ceremony of accomplishment of 'Sagar Parikrama-II' - Solo Non Stop Unassisted Circumnavigation done by Lt.
UNASSISTED LIVING: AGELESS HOMES FOR LATER LIFE documents the move away from assisted living centers and provides architecture and home collections alike with a firm grasp on the housing elements that can allow seniors to age safely their homes.
In a meta-analysis of 164 studies, Alfieri, Brooks, Aldrich, and Tenenbaum (2010) found that assisted discovery learning was more effective than explicit instruction or unassisted discovery learning and that explicit instruction resulted in more favorable outcomes than unassisted discovery learning.
Summary: Jessica Watson has set sail in Sydney in her bid to become the youngest person to circle the globe unassisted.
Dubai: Guinness world record holder and arctic explorer Adrian Hayes is just one sponsor short for his next challenge, the first unassisted south to north crossing of the Greenland icecap by both foot and kite - which could take up to 65 days.