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Then he calmed down, returned to his soft manner of speech and to that unassuming quiet bearing which had been usual with him even in his greatest days.
His evident concern on seeing the change for the worse in the young lady's looks was expressed with a mixture of tenderness and respect, with an unassuming delicacy of tone, voice, and manner, which did equal credit to his good breeding and his good sense.
This unassuming style promotes study, that's why we adopt it," returned Laurie, who certainly could not be accused of vanity, having voluntarily sacrificed a handsome curly crop to the demand for quarterinch-long stubble.
Micawber, with one eye on Traddles, 'at present established, on what may be designated as a small and unassuming scale; but, you are aware that I have, in the course of my career, surmounted difficulties, and conquered obstacles.
Yet, having already made his fortune in his own mind, he was so unassuming with it that I felt quite grateful to him for not being puffed up.
The rest of the money--a considerable sum for me, I decided to borrow from Anton Antonitch Syetotchkin, my immediate superior, an unassuming person, though grave and judicious.
As he stands at his door in Cook's Court in his grey shop-coat and black calico sleeves, looking up at the clouds, or stands behind a desk in his dark shop with a heavy flat ruler, snipping and slicing at sheepskin in company with his two 'prentices, he is emphatically a retiring and unassuming man.
Khadija has been described as a "humble and unassuming spirit" by her photography teacher at the school.
A companion piece, of sorts, to his Showa series, Mizuki uses his unassuming style to place Hitler in his time and to address still-relevant questions of how Germany came to see him as a savior.
uk It all goes to show you should expect more than a lawnmower behind that unassuming door.
Described by his teachers as "an unassuming lad with a lovely manner", Mahmood's love of sport stems from when as a young child his father bought him a radio and turned its dial to a sports station.
THE GHOST 9PM, FILM4 An unassuming ghost-writer is employed to pen the memoirs of a former British prime minister.