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Glimmering unassumingly in the corner of Art Factum, Charbel El Khoury's single digital print of a flickering neon sign with the words "Amusement Cent[er] Monaco" could be hanging at the entrance of any dingy little gambling spot, "super nightclub" or gaming arcade around Lebanon.
On my last day, I unassumingly walked into a studio class that tapped into an even deeper level of understanding.
All of a sudden, everywhere I look, mothers are taking to social media to show pictures of themselves doing what their foremothers have done, unassumingly, for centuries.
All of a sudden, everywhere I look, mothers are taking to social media to show pictures of themselves doing what their female ancestors have done, unassumingly, for centuries.
Michael Carrick remains a pillar of elegant reliability, Antonio Valencia is unassumingly efficient and Fellaini was excellent in his 45 minutes - swinging the game in United's favour with a match turning goal.
The final product is more modest, tucked in a corner with just a handful of stools, unassumingly ready for unsuspecting patrons.
Under "triangles" you might find Morley's Triangle, which hides unassumingly inside every triangle, no matter what its shape.
Society reveals itself in these small instances of daily routine that its members follow unassumingly.
Nestled unassumingly behind Rics Kountry Kitchen in Juffair, Shailani Restaurant is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by diners in the kingdom.
has arrived at its ambiguous coda showing a truckload of Christmas turkeys on a freeway headed to imminent slaughter, his modest tablet, now inscribed with countless asides, excursuses, and poetic annotations, has transformed into something unassumingly akin to the visionary volume Pinto so prizes, Francisco de Holanda's Renaissance corn-pendi urn of mystical biblical illustrations, De aetatibus mundi imagenes (The Illustrated Ages of the World, 1545-73).
All of Oberst's gifts align on "Upside Down Mountain'': his empathy, his unassumingly natural melodies, the quavery sincerity in his voice, the plain-spoken but telling lyrics that he's now careful to deliver clearly.
We want them to behave like adults, while playing with the fervour of children; to act unassumingly while we shower them with attention; to be responsible to their sport, while we treat it like a game.