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In the past his unassured nature and inconsistency has made him a punters' nightmare, but the 6ft 4in paceman is more confident these days.
The best advice is to focus on tenant credit quality and complete a rigorous analysis of assured versus unassured components of cash flow and the asset price.
So, the investor's variable, unassured return from the market was 1 3/4 times the assured return.
The discount rate of 5 percent meant this very expensive market had an unassured yield that was less than the assured yield from money market funds or treasury bills.
Permit me," replied Huguette, "to ask you one more thing and tell me if it's true as those who knew you and saw you more familiarly say that you had a ferocious way of speaking, abrupt and unassured, when you let yourself be controlled by your natural inclination?
3 allows optionally expedited data using SSCOP unassured data delivery.
This necessity we call "need," which has a place only where existence is unassured and its own continual task.
Kanu in particular has looked unassured in front of goal, wasting a number of chances before Garba Lawal eventually gave the Super
The creators of the Uniform Commercial Code empathized with these unprotected contractors and drafted a provision that, if properly invoked, comforts the unassured and fearful: the right to adequate assurance of performance [U.