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According to the 1993 AOC poll 59% of men were willing to date a co-worker if they were unmarried or unattached, while only 36% said the would not be looking for love at work.
A council spokesman said: "There has been an artificially large number of unattached drakes staying in the area after the mating season has finished.
To verify that filters perform as promised, researchers will have to develop low-cost monitors for radon's daughters, especially the unattached ones.
The unattached elderly ladies of the community found him irresistible, of course, but Burt was wedded to his dream of racing at the legendary proving grounds.
Andrew Thompson, Unattached to Shrewsbury; Jacob Laursen, Leicester to Wolverhampton; Richard Knight, Oxford Utd to Colchester; Dominic Foley, Watford to QPR; Scott Wilson, Rangers to Portsmouth; Dion Dublin, Aston Villa to Millwall; Damien Delaney, Leicester to Huddersfield; Micheal Reddy, Sunderland to Barnsley; David Waterman, Portsmouth to Oxford Utd;
One challenge in engineering a run-flat tire for conventional wheels is rim roll-off (when the tire's bead becomes unattached from the wheel).
Brassington, the unattached runner from Dolgellau who won last year's Always Aim High sprint triathlon series, finished seventh on Saturday to claim the overall prize for the series, which also included Rhobell Fawr and Ras Tarren Hendre.
He redshirted last season, but competed unattached in several races.
Late last week, the European Space Agency announced initial agreement with NASA on the text of a memorandum of understanding covering Europe's participation, which is to consist of a laboratory module attached to the station, another that is an unattached "free-flyer" positioned nearby, and an unmanned platform that would be stationed in a pole-crossing orbit rather than in the near-equatorial orbit of the station itself.
Raahauge's Duck Club and the Splatter S Duck Club, located in Prado Basin, offer limited public hunting for unattached hunters.
ATHLETICS: Unattached runner Philippa Marsden won last night's third race in the Heaton Harriers' Jesmond Dene Handicap Series.
He's using the election to push his agenda on fairness for the unattached and to get people to sign up for singles cruises.