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To mention just two that directly influence the unattainability of the goals of the PNB, Colombian public schools have overcrowded classrooms where there are fifty or more students per classroom (Ayala & Alvarez, 2005; Cardenas, 2005; Castano, 2008).
was based on a belief of his unattainability as a faculty member
The central function of her confession is to confirm her unattainability and reinforce the impetus to deprive his uncle of her love.
Perhaps the preeminent verse supporting unattainability is 5:48, where Jesus says that we must be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.
It counters the sense of remoteness and unattainability that so often characterizes the holiness of the canonized saints we are invited to venerate.
There is a search for an ideal and a feeling of loss at the realization of its unattainability present in all of McCracken's work.
And yet here I sit, day after day, striving to write the flawless novel, just as you surely strove to write the flawless memoir, our challenges made all the more urgent--and inspiring--by our knowledge of their unattainability.
Defoe's Journal, then, endorses fiction, validating a version of honesty that admits the unattainability of absolute truth, dismantling texts that aspire to such certainty.
As ideological 'mouthpieces', their characters may have suggested the unattainability of multilingual competence, but the meta-theatrical reality was quite different.
Of equal concern, one does not need to be an obsessive compulsive to feel the unattainability of true "cleanliness," an observation that of course runs very deep in both Christianity and Judaism.
I find that tracking stock seems to be most useful to firms for which the benefits of integration and active capital markets outweigh the costs associated with agency conflicts, unattainability of the firm's focus, and interdivisional allocation of revenues, costs, and resources.
The Bolero relies on the exaggeration of love, on the intensification of certain tropes that characterize the Western idea of romantic love, such as feelings of hopelessness, fear of loss, unattainability of the beloved, frustration, despair, nostalgia over lost love, the idea of love as "addiction" and "sickness," and so on.