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Excepting the one case of seeing her face close, with a strong light on it, nobody who now looked at Magdalen could have suspected for an instant that she was other t han an ailing, ill-made, unattractive woman of fifty years old at least.
Quite snake-like, in fact, and her face was most unattractive.
The journey of that day had been long and wearing; it was a cold day, the eleventh of October, there was no inn or chateau in the village and the homes of the peasants were poor and unattractive.
I looked at her with a friendliness I really felt towards her slight, unattractive, and dependable person.
At that moment an angel came by in the disguise of a small boy (and I cannot think of any more effective disguise an angel could have assumed), with a can of beer in one hand, and in the other something at the end of a string, which he let down on to every flat stone he came across, and then pulled up again, this producing a peculiarly unattractive sound, suggestive of suffering.
Young fruits fall while mature ones acquire black circular marks, which are unattractive to consumers.
The participants were shown profiles of two potential job candidates that included photos, one attractive and one unattractive.
I guess I am just too fat and unattractive for him.
In London, where the average home costs PS536,000, a property which looks unattractive from the outside could lead to buyers pushing for a discount of more than PS100,000, the findings suggest.
The centre is part covered and the fabric, signage, shop fronts and paving are very dated and extremely unattractive.
However, most of the research has been centered on how people rate character traits of attractive and unattractive individuals.
For example, good-looking people have been perceived to have greater leadership skills, to be friendlier, and to be more competent than unattractive people (see Rhodes, 2006, for a review).