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The Act was largely ineffective, as rail operators complied with the letter of the law by running one service per day with decent third class facilities, usually at an anti social time and stopping at every station - making the journey unattractively slow.
Henry VI's representation of such diplomacy as unattractively foreign and female illuminates "the misogynistic underpinnings of [the] new patriotism" (54), under whose influence councilors and Parliament were moved to speak up against the Queen (and her possible diplomatically efficient marriage).
Both during the elevated runway and the photo shoot, her lips were unattractively parted.
However, competition for domestic deposits has increased, while market funding continues to remain unattractively priced for the majority of rated banks.
He said that recent market volatility has made bond prices unattractively high.
In fact, adding high nitrogen fertiliser can slow down their flowering and cause foliage to grow unattractively floppy.
She may sound unattractively militant, but R is a person of unshakable integrity.
Hancock clearly exhibits its unattractively atypical superhero, however, it measures it out with a hearty dose of American sensibility (e.
It seems ironic that to photograph a creature renowned for its pure, snowy white form, you need to be on the look out for something unattractively dull and grey.
Johnson's obsessive concern with the ups and downs of poetic reputation, not to mention allusions to long-dormant dustups on the Buffalo Poetics list, may seem at first sight unattractively inside baseball.
Giggling, flushed and drooling unattractively, I turn into a quivering wreck when confronted by the almighty SC.
Unattractively, Gordon bullied a bunch of cowering losers and theatrically lost his temper.