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His many crones, hags, and old maids at first glance appear to conform to the worst stereotypes of the older woman, from her presupposed association with the devil to her physical unattractiveness and social uselessness, characteristics often emphasized by his worldly-wise narrators who presume upon their own superiority as younger males.
The unattractiveness of being a prison doctor leads to institutions hiring doctors who are not capable of providing adequate care to prisoners.
Body image may deteriorate, leading to feelings of unattractiveness that can lower interest in sexual activity.
One of the major complaints among women and men is the unattractiveness associated with cellulite.
It's not the first time Mugly has been recognized for his unattractiveness.
The reasons for such a small number of brokerage firms not only include the strict requirements, but also the unattractiveness of the market itself.
Yet despite the unattractiveness of Mavis's personality - and her wardrobe - Charlize says that of all her roles, this is the one she would most like to revisit.
It is hard to justify spending all that money to investors, given Mars' unattractiveness as a resource or destination.
For example, promotions exaggerating the unattractiveness of being drunk and smoking may counter-act industry efforts to make these behaviors attractive.
How do they cope with negative portrayals such as physical and mental decline, unattractiveness and loss of independence when they encounter images of their own demographic group?
Convinced of her unattractiveness, still under the sway of her parents and siblings, Wasserstein shielded herself from romantic intimacy by falling in love with men she knew would not respond to her sexually.
Their unattractiveness may lie in the high level of potassium in onion nectar and limited nectar rewards (Silva and Dean 2000; Waller et al.