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How do they cope with negative portrayals such as physical and mental decline, unattractiveness and loss of independence when they encounter images of their own demographic group?
Their unattractiveness may lie in the high level of potassium in onion nectar and limited nectar rewards (Silva and Dean 2000; Waller et al.
Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, but a new study reveals that the reverse is also true; unattractiveness is in the eye of the beheld.
Physical bodily changes and perceived physical unattractiveness resulting from long-term HD and CAPD treatment were also stressful for participants and their partners, affecting their self-concept and relationships.
Thus, the idea of equating Asian body and unattractiveness is very questionable from the way I see the social world.
This may also be referred to as clinical unattractiveness, and may cause what is perceived as "client resistance".
For those affected by lipodystrophy, the visibility of the symptoms can lead to feelings of unattractiveness and low self-esteem.
High taxes are one reason for the relative unattractiveness of the oil stocks and the other is rising operating costs.
Beyond this normative assumption on investment preferences due to compatibility of investment profile and desired output, we hypothesize that the relative unattractiveness of investments with a higher control risk profile will depend on the reference point.
the pill, and the relative unattractiveness of proxy contests
Meanwhile, the new rate, confirmed by Alistair Darling in last month's Budget, will make the UK second only to Italy in the G20 in terms of tax unattractiveness for high earners, says PwC, and has led to Tesco, M&S and Sainsbury's bringing forward bonus payments to avoid it.