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The authenticity/ unauthenticity metaphor seems to be far more in keeping with the stated goals of the Second Vatican Council.
Upon discovery of the Mandala's unauthenticity, however, they rescinded their donations and sued to recover illegal profit the temple had made out of their donations.
Cohen says that intellectuals, especially ethnographers and curators who take such a position, have overly rigorous ideas about tourism's unauthenticity because of their own alienation from modernity.
277) point out, learners are well aware that they are in a learning situation and will be prepared to tolerate the level of unnaturalness or unauthenticity required in the interests of efficiency.
and correct the objective absurdities that its unauthenticity has brought
A veteran of films since l979, he said: "I can't live with the unauthenticity of movies.
Last night in New York he said: "I don't think I can live with the unauthenticity of movies any more.
The depth symbolism led from intimations of 'darkness' to a sense of estrangement and a sense of unreality, or of a metaphysical abyss or void which could be played against the experience of displacement or unauthenticity which can be encountered in post-colonialism.
And within those communities and institutions, authenticity legitimates authority, while unauthenticity among authorities "reveals power as mere power.
A veteran of many films since l979, he said: "I can't live with the unauthenticity of movies.
that error, evil, unauthenticity may be not merely the absence of intelligibility but an unintelligible absence.
Within such a mindset, discontinuity is code for unauthenticity, at least as the church has generally thought of it.