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54 if it was agreed with Lloyds, compared to PS56 unauthorised.
54 agreed, PS36 unauthorised and with Barclays PS3.
The differences in costs for agreed overdraft versus unauthorised are pretty steep.
There are 42 unauthorised colonies under the NDMC's jurisdiction.
The East Corporation, which has already regularised an unauthorised colony, is ready with the layout plans of four colonies and the South Corporation is also looking forward to getting a batch of four layout plans approved within a fortnight.
John O'Boyle, adviser for behaviour and attendance for Middlesbrough Council, said the figure for unauthorised absence did not just include truancy as the authority now included time taken for family holidays in term time as unauthorised absence.
25% of sessions were missed to unauthorised absence, the same as last year, and 6.
said a number of high street banks charged customers the unauthorised overdraft rate on the full amount they were in the red, not just the amount by which they had gone over their limit.
It's especially unfair on customers who only occasionally run up a small unauthorised overdraft for a short time.
A Halifax spokesman added, 'There's no reason why anybody should be in unauthorised overdraft.