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Encryption codes and scrambles information, making it unreadable to unauthorized users and ensures data can only be viewed by intended parties.
Encrypted e-mail opened by an unauthorized recipient would appear to be gibberish.
In other words, if an entity sets authorization standards different from its industry peers, this would not indicate the entity did not have effective controls to safeguard assets against unauthorized acquisition, use or disposition as long as the process the company follows includes the controls in the five COSO report components.
Some researchers also suggest that the increased size of the unauthorized resident population during the late 1990s and early 2000s is an inadvertent consequence of border enforcement and immigration control policies.
Throughout the years, WEP has been put to shame by a series of independent studies from various academic and commercial institutions that have shown that an intruder equipped with the proper tools and a moderate amount of technical know-how can gain unauthorized access to a WLAN, even with WEP enabled.
Informing the public that their personal information may have been acquired by unauthorized parties.
6-Liability Of Consumer For Unauthorized Transfers, under Paragraph 6(b)(1)-Timely Notice Given, new paragraph 3.
This often results in unauthorized access to the rooftops which poses real safety and liability risks for the building's owners and occupants.
with ten counts of unlawful interception of e-mail messages and one count of unauthorized possession of passwords with intent to defraud.
The court order held that "CPAs do not engage in the unauthorized practice of law when they render professional assistance, including compensated representation before agencies and the Probate Court, that is within their professional expertise and qualifications.

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