unauthorized borrowing

See: plagiarism
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AHAB alleges that Stewart was one of the principal architects of a massive international fraud and money laundering scheme masterminded by the Saudi / Kuwaiti national Maan Al Sanea, who was entrusted by AHAB with the operation of a small financial services wing of the conglomerate, used his position to engage in billions of dollars in unauthorized borrowing, and then misappropriated the proceeds.
2 billion worse off through unauthorized borrowing, are suing Sanea in the Cayman Islands for fraud, forgery, and masterminding a massive Ponzi scheme following the collapse of the Bahraini lenders, one of which was owned by the family and the other by Sanea.
This has led many people to question the legality of the fees banks and building societies apply for unauthorized borrowing and bounced payments, which consumers' association Which?
This is really an unauthorized borrowing from the taxpayers.
As a result of these improper activities, webMethods also understated debt because certain unauthorized borrowings were improperly recorded as collections of receivables.

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