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The auditorium was full of children who had no idea how to behave, accompanied by adults who unavailingly said "Ssssh
The anti-gambling groups turned their attention, equally unavailingly, to attacking the football pools.
In 1885 he met Milly Thaulow, a married woman with whom he fell disastrously and unavailingly in love.
Thrilling saves by Woking goalkeeper by Shwan Lalal prevented second substitute Mike Byrne and Allan from putting Northwich ahead as the home side pressed unavailingly for the decider with some flowing football.
While Townson was still unavailingly objecting to these conditions and struggling for what he considered his rights, the Governor was overthrown.
In his first speech in the Senate, he unavailingly asked that Australia not put too much trust in the League of Nations as a guardian of eternal peace, but that Australia play its part in strengthening the Singapore base.
From 1775 to 1810, the Companies unavailingly sought to get the approval of the appropriate sovereigns for their purchases.
The Commission knew that experts--terrorism specialists who worked around the clock (often taking three meals a day at their desks)--had composed hair-burning tirades, had dared at length to "scream" unavailingly for attention, and had finally begged in despair to be relieved of posts rendered utterly meaningless by their superiors' unresponsiveness.
ON THE WRACK: Nicky Eaden tries unavailingly to prevent Darren Wrack inflicting a double dose of misery on Paul Jewell's high-flyers
CSI's Eibner and the American Anti-Slavery Group have tried, so far unavailingly, to get space in the Post to counter its story.
If this is a slight distortion, a bigger one is Coombes' failure to mention the counterattack the 2/48th Battalion was ordered to make to recapture the lost ground on 1 May: a venture which Lieutenant Colonel Windeyer bluntly but unavailingly told Morshead was impossible.
And to battle this force unavailingly again and again without yielding to despair is the essence of absurdist heroism.