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The additional prices may be unavoidable for the consumers, and as a result, the consumers end up paying much more than the advertised price.
Due to the fact that the unavoidable carry-over of coccidiostats or histomonostats into non-target feed may result in the presence of these substances as contaminants in derived food, it is appropriate to take a comprehensive and integrated approach to address the issue through the simultaneous adoption and application of this Regulation and the Directive 2009/8/EC setting maximum levels for the unavoidable carry-over of coccidiostats or histomonostats into non-target feed", stated the European Commission in the February regulation.
He added: "The collision would have been unavoidable even at 30mph.
Listeners will experience a skin-crawling sensation as Ivy discovers that, try as she might, her fate is undeniable and unavoidable.
Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, she says, but rigorous physical training can help counteract the danger inherent in aerial or other forms of site-specific work.
Allowing make-ups for unavoidable conflicts also may sound reasonable, but it is amazing what will become an "unavoidable conflict.
Players' chief Gordon Taylor has rejected criticism of footballers who spit on the pitch, insisting the practice is an unavoidable consequence of strenuous physical activity.
If the collision is unavoidable, automatic braking at maximum deceleration occurs, which reduces the stopping distance and the severity of the impact.
In principle, Member States may treat purely domestic situations differently from how they treat cross-border situations, as some differences may be unavoidable and indeed there may be objective differences in the circumstances of foreign entities compared with domestic entities which warrant a different treatment.
The combination of growing shortfalls and expanding overseas commitments has prompted many observers to conclude that a return to the draft may be unavoidable (see article on page 24).
If a cause is just or a situation unavoidable, then suffering and self-sacrifice can be the higher calling, but to consent to abuse and suffering in lieu of taking personal responsibility may be neglectful or stupid.