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BEIRUT: Prime Minister Najib Mikati told Iran's visiting deputy foreign minister that the fighting in Syria is unavoidably going to impact Lebanon, but said that the government is working to insulate the country with the help of Iran, the Islamic Republic's News Agency (IRNA) reported.
earthy or concrete, and now undeniably, unavoidably underfoot.
Converting to this approach after decades of chasing numbers for their own sake is unavoidably fraught with problems.
After a very jazzy overture (performed by Lynette Wahlstrom on piano, Chris Mitchell on flute and Peter Goddard on cello), performers Becca Topp, Geordie Brown and Iain MacNeil had to commit two murders over a century apart in a tight, Cleveland well-choreographed performance that was delightful, but unavoidably lacked emotional depth.
But a committee member was unavoidably unable to attend the meeting and consequently the panel lacked a quorum, and the matter was postponed until the May meeting.
Germain's familiar complaint about balancing the budget on the back of city employees ignores a fundamental fact of municipal finances: Because more than 80 percent of municipal spending is for salaries and benefits, that is - unavoidably - where economies must be found.
Benson (law, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles) contends that objective interpretation of law is impossible, and that the language of interpretation contains within it "legal mysticism" that obscures the fact that traditional methods of legal interpretation are unavoidably subjective.
Even as Simon sets his sights on moving on, the past few weeks have been an unavoidably introspective period for him as "Wire's" ardent fans (many of them TV critics) waxed poetic about the final act of the convention-defying series.
When powdery products are filled into open-mouth bags or valve packers, heavy dust unavoidably develops.
Sunday's race will unavoidably cause traffic delays and detours.
At work, the hospital environment unavoidably consumes a lot of 'single-use' materials, but there are many areas where we can counter this wastefulness.
will unavoidably exert a significant impact on its franchise despite its strong liquidity position acting as an important mitigating factor, the U.