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Males showed significantly more change than females on unawareness of blatant racial issues, t(201) = 2.
But any semblance of unawareness quickly evaporates when exertion or illness forces us to struggle for oxygen.
Unawareness, or even contempt for adversaries, is very dangerous, explains the general who severely criticises the operations currently being carried out in Iraq, and in Afghanistan in particular, whose destiny he believes appears to have been compromised.
Steve Gates, Denplan's managing director, said: "We believe much of this unawareness of oral hygiene is symptomatic of the fact that people increasingly have less access to dentists.
Continuous glucose monitoring might be a supplemental tool to self-monitoring of blood glucose for selected patients with type 1 diabetes, especially those with hypoglycemic unawareness.
Unawareness of deficits contributes to problems across life areas, including return to productive employment [2] and maintenance of close relationships [2-4].
Is this an example of our Assembly's lack of unawareness of the popularity soccer enjoys in the north?
They further suggest that this unawareness may be advanced by the limited interaction students may have with other cultural groups and strata.
Such efforts seem to reflect both an unawareness of the long history of celebrations at this time and the earliest associations of symbols now attached to Christmas, most previously used in other religions and cultural rituals.
It gets more complicated as we grow older--especially if we have been making music in a state of total unawareness (which, I believe, is sometimes the case).
Directly confronting the American public's notorious unawareness of long-term care financing realities, CMS has mounted a five-state, multimedia information campaign.