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Jimenez, who holds the concurrent position of Commission on Elections spokesman, said he was also caught unawares by the incident.
His appearance in his simple black attire caught all including the new president unawares and added to the excitement of the high profile event as everyone rose in accord to honour the first civilian governor to have successfully completed two terms in office in the history of the state.
Giving evidence at the trial of Liam Kennedy, 21, who is accused of his murder, Home Office pathologist Dr Mark Egan told jurors: "The deceased has no defence type injuries, suggesting that the deceased was taken unawares.
?It appears that one of the Dublin Mini Marathon runners has caught Paul O'Connell, er, unawares...
Murray took Spaniard Granollers and the crowd unawares when he pulled out having just levelled the match at 4-6 7-6 (7/5).
With some 120 images dating from the mid-1970s through the present, this survey gathers material from that and other key series; on view will be portraits of Hollywood hustlers, chaotic urban street scenes, and dramatically lit head shots of pedestrians in Times Square caught unawares as they emerge from under the scaffolding of dark construction sites.
The man was caught unawares by the gushing water which flooded a road leading to his house after a stormwater tunnel was blocked and his vehicle was carried for more than a kilometre.
Not all Fry's runners are going to win and in terms of the market they don't seem to entertain their angels unawares, but I suspect he is a trainer to keep a sharp eye on as he scales the ladder in seasons to come.
CAUGHT unawares after Delhi BJP chief Vijender Gupta's allegation regarding ' relations' between Delhi government minister Arvinder Singh Lovely and Ponty Chadha's brother Hardeep, the government machinery swung into action on Tuesday defending the minister.
Forgiveness can only happen if the husband or partner is unawares of the thought, as men cannot predict what their husbands are thinking.
Sixty-two percent reported that the volume and complexity of risk has increased substantially in the last five years, and 68% reported being caught unawares of an operational risk in that time period.
Most of the dead were drowned, many of them elderly people caught unawares as they slept.