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Regarding a given raw process time ([T.sub.0]), a deterministic balanced line performs better than a deterministic unbalanced line.
The complainant, Simon Fraser, said the article was unbalanced and inaccurate.
A simulation of the inverter with and without the IPBC2 for the dynamic delta load change [DELTA]43/[DELTA]470/[DELTA]43 [ohms] and for the dynamic unbalanced delta load should permit the [R.sub.i] and [K.sub.v] values to be selected.
Oman explained how the right communications is an "unbalanced force" that changes perceptions and improves a reputation.
"It's human nature, if you know you are not cheating and you are actually being fouled or unbalanced in an unfair way, it's all very well for me to say, 'You've got to put up with that,' but it's difficult when you are on the field - people are emotional beings."
During the rotation of the mass eccentric rotor, an unbalanced excitation force [F.sub.a] is generated in the mass eccentricity direction, whose angular frequency is the same with the angular velocity of rotor.
To overcome the drawback, the unbalanced linguistic representation model has been presented in [42].
I the left of the unbalanced "I played him on the left of the two and he has never played there before.
All games were classified into three types(balanced, unbalanced and very unbalanced) according to point differential.
The balanced rotor will be unbalanced if the operation speed exceeds the balancing speed; then rebalancing is required.
This paper proposed a power resolution that can be used to achieve both goals under nosinusoidal and unbalanced conditions in the smart power grids.
Therefore, the unbalanced vibration of the crankshaft system is investigated by directly monitoring the vibration state of the flywheel in the paper.