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1) Unbalanced wt Vibration Motor/Electromagnetic vibrator Specification:
Harry Redknapp "And I think it unbalanced him really, he wasn't happy on that side.
Results: In European competitions, 76% of the games were classified into balanced games and none of the games was classified into very unbalanced games.
Keywords: Power resolutions, nonsinusoidal and unbalanced systems, compensation, harmonic source detection.
Operation at unbalanced load leads to a number of additional problems in the operation of TG which are of electromagnetic nature and result increased thermal and power stresses, vibration problems and poor-quality of the three-phase power supply system.
The difference in transverse and machine direction shrinkage is a visible indicator of how much unbalanced orientation is in the extruded part.
The question arises that how do the unbalanced loads we create Simply the answer is, when one consumer demands a new electricity connection from company, the company queries about the load of the consumer (on the application form given from company).
Translocations can be balanced (when exchange of material occurs with no genetic information extra or missing) or unbalanced (where the exchange of chromosome material is unequal, resulting in extra or missing genes).
We are unbalanced in the middle, lost control, were nervous and couldn't concentrate on what we had to do.
An unbalanced cycle in a signed graph (G, [[summation]]) is a cycle having an odd number of negative edges.
On the one hand, it makes the grid relatively weak at the junction of the wind farm access to the power grid; on the other hand, the unbalanced phenomenon could be aroused at the junction of wind generators access to the power grid because of the asymmetry of grid impedance, line breakage, insulation aging etc.