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"We have put all this knowledge and experience directly atthe meeting point with ourcustomers," said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon.
Recognising that there could be a temptation to indulge in food fraud due to shortages and in a further move to assure its customers, Unbar Rothon, the Billericay, Essex-based company, despatched samples of its cumin for challenge testing at an independent UK laboratory.
Unbar is obviously feeling a bit sorry for itself and is trying to go for the sympathy vote.
Spice importers Unbar Rothon; Recalled...Pot Noodles
My attempt differs from those of the story's many other interpreters (2) in linking Unbar to Ur, and according a central significance to the French philosopher Descartes.
For more information, please call Richard Rothon, Unbar Rothon on Tel: 01277 632211 or email: richard.rothon@unbarrothon.co.uk
reputable UK source.' According to the FSA, that source is Essex-based spice and herb specialist Unbar Rothan, which in turn received it from East Anglian Food Ingredients (EAFI), also in Essex.
Local authority food inspectors took samples and documents from manufacturer Premier Foods, spice merchants Unbar Rothan and East Anglian Food Ingredients.
The FSA said another company - Unbar Rothon in Billericay, Essex - also handled the powder.
Spice and herb specialists Unbar Rothon says it learned of the danger from the Food Standards Agency's website on Friday - despite authorities having been told of the danger 11 DAYS ago.
Premier Foods revealed they were seeking legal advice after being 'misled' by their supplier, named as Unbar Rothon.
An FSA spokesman said Premier Foods obtained the chilli powder from Essex-based spice specialist Unbar Rothon, who received it from East Anglian Food Ingredients.