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More than 350 items were pulled from supermarket shelves after Sudan 1 dye - which has been linked to cancer and is commonly used for colouring shoe polish and petrol - was found in a Worcester sauce used in products produced by St Alban's Premier Foods from Unbar Rothon supplies.
Unbar is obviously feeling a bit sorry for itself and is trying to go for the sympathy vote.
Unbar Rothon declined to comment on today's alert and EAFI also were unable to provide a spokesman.
Other cars making their debut at Geneva include the Slab 9-3 Convertible, the Daewoo Unbar which will be on sale in the UK in late summer, and the Mazda MX Sportif - a five-door hatchback concept car.
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Snacks available in the Main Cabin (prices range between $3 and $6 in the Main Cabin and are complimentary in Main Cabin Select) include Pop Chips, Emerald Roasted Almonds, Brent & Sams Chocolate Chip Cookies and sweetriot Unbar.
Trading Standards officials have indicated that Unbar Rothon and East Anglian Food Ingredients (EAFI)--the two spices suppliers at the centre of the crisis--will escape blame for the massive food recall.
Premier Foods revealed they were seeking legal advice after being 'misled' by their supplier, named as Unbar Rothon.
Premier Foods, of St Albans, Herts, claims it was "misled" by its supplier, the spice and herb specialist Unbar Rothon.
Virgin America is the first to offer sweetriot's brand new product, the unBar, as part of an effort to bring passengers the coolest new products before anyone else.
What is not clear yet is on what basis supplier Unbar Rothon was able to provide written assurances to Premier Foods about the safety of its powder, as it won't say what tests it conducted.