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3) For a diagonal edge for unbarred nonzero i from (j, i - 1) to (j + 1, i) the weight is [[bar.
Dave Williams--Canada's very own astronaut and aquanaut, as well as emergency physician--and closing with the unbarred humour of Meg Soper, RN, the conference was three full days of learning, laughing and networking
In "By the Fireside," however, love is assured by being unfixed and unbarred.
With its unbarred windows and a motion-detecting light that was evidently out of batteries, one could easily see why two enterprising criminals from Gary, Indiana, might assume it to be a burglar's wet dream.
The implementation of the 'western' policies especially in the education had caused the unbarred influences by the westerners in the community.
In addition, barred galaxies are more likely to display spiral arms than unbarred galaxies.
Dr Cowley said Brady told him that he had a chance to escape Hyde police station in Manchester when he was left alone in a canteen with an unbarred window while a police officer made a phone call.
It left no mark upon the snow, But suddenly it snapped the chain Unbarred, flung wide the door Which will not shut again; .
Alyssa Burns suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding when a rolling pin fell from an unbarred third floor window of a Boots store in Dundee and hit her on the head as she sat in her buggy.
The findings on Mas Selamat's escape revealed ventilation windows left unbarred and unsecured at the center, monitoring TVs that were not operating, guards not responding quickly and other security problems.
This produces one very long measure per system, effectively an unbarred transcription.
The electronics expert who finds that the only unbarred window is on the third floor may choose another target.