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3) For a diagonal edge for unbarred nonzero i from (j, i - 1) to (j + 1, i) the weight is [[bar.
Rather than acknowledging this lack, the phallic order has instead transposed it into the idea of divine plenitude, or the idea of an unbarred other, or of an uncastrated heavenly father who stands outside the phallic order and who brought it into being.
Had Georges permitted himself to visit the shameful space on which his subjectivity rests, and is filled, through the subjugation of Majid, then no doubt the coordinates of his racist, unbarred subjectivity--subjectivity devoid of lack and so plagued by anxiety--could have been reconfigured.
Alyssa Burns suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding when a rolling pin fell from an unbarred third floor window of a Boots store in Dundee and hit her on the head as she sat in her buggy.
The findings on Mas Selamat's escape revealed ventilation windows left unbarred and unsecured at the center, monitoring TVs that were not operating, guards not responding quickly and other security problems.
This produces one very long measure per system, effectively an unbarred transcription.
2% acidity, leaving the sweetness of the olive oil unbarred by sharpness.
In the first seg, "Roseanne Unbarred," thesp proves herself to be quite funny--something that's been pretty much forgotten amid the copious reports of her outre behavior.
Using data from the BIMA millimeter-wave array in Hat Creek, California, Das and his colleagues find that a galaxy may actually alternate between a barred and an unbarred state.
The electronics expert who finds that the only unbarred window is on the third floor may choose another target.
Pre-riot renovations in the medical department had enlarged two observation windows in the medical offices and left them unbarred.
Krafchenko threw the clothesline out of that room's unbarred window, which faced the street, and then began his slow descent to freedom.