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Keira is an artist and widow with a reputation because her husband forced her to attend autopsies and diagram them, something deemed unbefitting of a lady in the 1830s.
From the point of view of the morality of aspiration, non sportive games are thus seen as an activity not worthy of man's capacities; for this type of morality, gambling is not seen as a violation of a duty, but as a form of human conduct unbefitting with human capacities.
It was most unbefitting of a person who claims to be of his stature.
For example, the discourse of the closing statement towards Iran remained unchanged, and unbefitting of the Gulf complaints against Iranian interference in the affairs of the GCC states.
A terrible provocation; images unbefitting of Muslims.
Marian has chosen to resist the conformity and confines of an expected identity in faith through "ignorance," yet she has chosen not to remain quiet when the concept of difference wavers toward an imposed hierarchy of self-identity unbefitting the body being named.
Tse's promotional activities was unbefitting a lawyer.
In its current form the official list--in contrast to its distinguished contents--remains unbefitting one of Canada's great cultural institutions.
This unbefitting membership was certainly at odds with Prigov's sardonic dissident poems and oddball performances, one of which, 1986's Public Service Appeal, briefly landed him in a mental institution.
Some felt it resembled the once trendy "critter wines," an association unbefitting the ultra-premium (average $25 per bottle) price tags of L'Ecole's wines, many estate-grown.
To ballyhoo the benefit of an unproven intervention is unbefitting of serious ethical debate, and so, too, is to deny out of hand the possibility of such benefits.
The book's main plot twist fails to satisfy, leaving a burbled resolution unbefitting of one of modern literature's greatest names.