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Criminal misbehavior, unwanted pregnancy, unintended murder and a plant downsizing all contribute - in varying degrees of unbelievability - to Sean and a bunch of the local lads having to stage their groundbreaking tap show.
The poet's refusal of alms in this case depends upon the covert plot of expanded need, for in perceiving their request as a deception he equates their unbelievability with the excessive demands of the poor: "In their fraternal features I could trace / Unquestionable lines of that wild Suppliant's face" (29-30, my emphasis).
He sweats to ensure that his story is proof against inaccuracy or unbelievability, whilst demanding always that 'there is nothing I wish to prove' (N,p.
Representative Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho) took the cake with her diatribe about the unbelievability that sockeye salmon could be regarded as endangered as long as one could buy a can at the supermarket.
Unbelievability also comes from making statements that could not be true.