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Indeed, Catharine goes so far as to assert the unbelievability of her vision: "and this you won't believe, nobody has believed it, nobody could believe it, nobody, nobody on earth could possibly believe it, and I don't blame them
Throughout the first half of the book, much of what the reader learns about Gatsby's background is a crazy-quilt collection of rumors whose sum result is confusion and unbelievability.
But at the time we couldn't see this because we were blinded by (1) the unbelievability that prohibition of wines could happen in the U.
Unbelievability also comes from making statements that could not be true.
However, criminality is of course precisely the point of the scam, and to dismiss or disregard the dynamics of the form on account of this (or, for that matter, on account of the invisibility or unbelievability I outline above) would be to overlook its primary project.
Film has a pinched look, and even a big set piece, like the climax in which the Burgle store is uprooted from its foundations and towed away, is undermined by the pic's pervasive unbelievability.
The most important challenge for us in this profession is to get people to believe stories that approach unbelievability," he said.
The burning political issue in France at that moment, the Algerian war, Le Petit Soldat addressed with an implicative urgency summed up in the image of a hesitant assassin walking behind his victim with a large pointed pistol along a crowed street without attracting anybody's notice--a startling image of the daily unbelievability of political violence.
The problem lies in the predictability -- and, at the same time, the unbelievability -- of Wheeler's screenplay.
Given the unbelievability of most of the play, during which facts are trotted out with embarrassing obviousness and the phone is used with even more lack of dramatic sophistication (among the callers are Geraldine Page, Cheryl Crawford, Elia Kazan and Arthur Miller), Annette Miller does a credible job of portraying Paula Strasberg, though she's never the highly dramatic character portrayed by daughter Susan in her two books.