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The young caballero has got real gold pieces in the belt he wears next his skin; and the man with the heavy moustaches and unbelieving eyes is indeed very much of a man.
Wade's unbelieving surprise, dwelt at length upon his enjoyment of Fallon's band and his longing to blow a cornet.
The poor child had become altogether unbelieving as to the trustworthiness of that Key which had made the ambition and the labor of her husband's life.
It is depressing to see so really noble a character as Catherine soured, as we feel, and lowered, as time goes on, from the happy resignation of the first volume (in which solemn, beautiful, and entire, and so very real, she is like a poem of Wordsworth) down to the mere passivity of the third volume, and the closing scene of Robert Elsmere's days, very exquisitely as this episode of unbelieving yet saintly biography has been conceived and executed.
Yet if he had been in a position to have analyzed the emotion she displayed, he might have remarked that there was none of the surprise, the blank, unbelieving amazement which might have been expected from one hearing for the first time of such a calamity.
In the twinkling of an eye, he burst in on me with his cigar-case, and came out strong on the one everlasting subject, in his neat, witty, unbelieving, French way.
The word `Mother' suggested other maternal counsels given long ago, and received with unbelieving protests.
And, if I am successful, then that's a Christmas gift to myself, to my siblings, and to my unbelieving chef-friends.
FOR people like me who grew up in the 1950s the thought that a time would come when banks would no longer have a high street presence would have elicited an unbelieving derisory snort or two.
All seemed well - until word reached an unbelieving SJP Brighton had scored from a penalty and Villa were reduced to 10 men.
Words such as "sacred," "soul," and "the Absolute" appear in Anayas preface and poems as tacit challenges for the reader to rethink and reconceptualize--from one's secularized and unbelieving vantage point--the possibilities and experiences latent in a language of transcendence we have all but forgotten.
Scott was initially unbelieving at first, given that darts' profile in the United States is about on a par with dominoes or shove half-penny.