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Lee moved, unbelievingly, into the tangle and a gorgeous, screeching cock pheasant rocketed straight up.
Dharker's Adam series in "Naming the Angels" is particularly dark and humorless, unless one laughs unbelievingly at a line like "Adam, your namesake lives in Dharavi.
But if one's conscience is still murmuring unbelievingly, it is finally silenced by reference to some variant of the perverse-effect thesis: every effort to dehumanize the society will end up by humanizing it
Cole took several steps forward, stopped, and stared unbelievingly at the child.
He said even lowrank employees of landrelated departments, like registrars and sub-registrars, gather unbelievingly huge amounts of bribe and make properties worth billions of rupees in Pakistan and abroad.
Unbelievingly, ten years ago, August 2002, uranium sold for US$9.
Little Peipei stared unbelievingly at the blue plastic soles bobbing like drowned swallows in the chemical filth and then at Eloise who stood with her hands on her hips, laughing at him, and he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry because nobody had ever done such a thing to him, and then, uncontrollably, his sobs burst forth so loudly that his grandmother came running out of the house.
The goat jumped to his feet, trotted onto a knife-edge ridge, and stared unbelievingly at me, probably thinking something like, "How in the world did a stinking predator get that close to me, and what the heck is it anyway
She also travelled with us as we crossed the Baltic by speedy and comfortable catamaran to Estonia, and its unbelievingly charming capital, Tallinn.
Wednesday - watched by manager Danny Wilson - should have pulled a goal back in the 68th minute when Thomas Staniforth's point-blank header was saved by Scope and the defender, unbelievingly, sent the rebound from three yards crashing against the crossbar and Clement cleared the danger.
As they lay there unbelievingly, the calm, even voice of Coach Schmidt was heard over the land: