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This is the same unbendable rule that makes a second term for Donald Trump a real specter.
Stuckness is the autonomous nature of the AC--the drive toward uni-polarity is archetypal, powerful, and seemingly unbendable. The polarity of the AC is extremely limiting and keeps the individual blind and incapable of realizing her true potential.
My white-fronted, gold-backed P10 Plus and the white-fronted, silver-backed P10 I was sent for comparison are both unbendable aluminium wedges with curved edges and a glossy fascia.
Smoothed chairs go to "heat treat." Here, they're submerged in a 1,000[degrees] Fahrenheit salt bath, in which a chemical reaction turns magnesium and silicon into a tough, unbendable metal.
He's really strident, unyielding, and unbendable, and something's going to break."
Resilient and resistant, he performs the kind of unbendable
The "upright," manly, unbendable, principled, independent Mr.
At the heart of this study is the question of how democratic politics resolve conflict when confronted with unbendable principles.
The unbendable knees dismissed the alien challenge to the Chinese ritual, and reconciled the failure of the foreign ambassador to kowtow to the Emperor's invincible dignity.
His unbendable left leg - the legacy of a bullet that smashed it just three months before the end of the war - never stopped him, no matter what the weather, from leading services in chapels as far apart as Dunford Town End and Thurstonland.
Palpably, this is just another damning manifestation of the absence altogether of undiluted commitment and unbendable determination to take on this prowling monstrosity, clobbering our people so mortally.