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Her brother was the human being of whom she had been most afraid from her childhood upward; afraid with that fear which springs in us when we love one who is inexorable, unbending, unmodifiable, with a mind that we can never mould ourselves upon, and yet that we cannot endure to alienate from us.
She had not the slightest doubt now of his unbending determination.
Plants move slowly -- one cycle of bending and unbending can take an entire day.
Perhaps, instead of shielding behind an explanation from a "Denbighshire council spokesman" we should be told the name of the unbending official who ruled in the OAP's case.
The Tories refuse to do that, insisting on following the unbending dogma laid down by Margaret Thatcher.
And after 14 years and forever more, terrorists who threaten us will learn this simple yet unbending truth: No matter how long it takes, no matter where they may hide, they will not escape the long arm of justice," Carter said in remarks at the Pentagon Memorial, which marks the place where one of four airlines hijacked by members of Al-Qaeda crashed into the Pentagon.
The leaders expect unbending loyalty to the Islamic State cause and will use the most barbaric means to dissuade fighters from changing their mind.
Despite growing support here and around the world, the Central Library lost the battle to survive in the face of willful neglect by Birmingham City Council, the unbending aspirations of Argent PLC and its opponents who shared Prince Charles' visceral dislike of its uncompromising appearance.
Earlier in 2014, and Estonia had been close to a diplomatic row over comments made byEstonia's then economy minister concerning the Lithuanians' unbending stance.
by an "I'm okay" hiding whims and unbending ideologies,
The LF may have seemed to be more unbending than others in the wake of the launching of the round of consultations on forming a government," MP Zahra said in a televised entry on "NTV" Station.
In some quarters Thatcher was, and is, held in high regard, in the main for being a strong and unbending leader who changed the way we live today.