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Where is the threat that he has been assuring the prime minister again and again over these days that the opposition would stand by him unbendingly if "democracy" is imperilled by "undemocratic forces" in the country?
He further described Khan as "the most credible, supremely patriotic, unbendingly honest and upright political leader of Pakistan".
Woodward, who has been unbendingly loyal to Dallaglio during his ordeal, said the decision to restore him was his alone.
What consensus, after all, does it expect when the eminences sitting on the right spiritedly term a terrorist's demise as martyrdom but are unbendingly loath to so honour a soldier who dies fighting the terrorists to protect the citizens and the state?
This was being "applied harshly, unbendingly and without good reason".
But deadly opposed she was and unbendingly adamant that the vote would go on under the rule of a government she leads.
And these very western powers, together with their domineering evangelical orders, had worked unbendingly for Sudan's bifurcation to create the new country of South Sudan.