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Therefore, to meet the goal of 50% alternative energy (18 million barrels of oil equivalent in 2020), approximately 8 million barrels of petroleum used afloat would need to be replaced by unblended alternative fuels by 2020.
A series of experiments were conducted to investigate the impact of two sources of organic waste (cow dung and fruit waste) blended with RP @ 10% P2O5 and unblended compost on release of plant available P in soil.
Patients and evaluators were both blinded to the treatments by using a blinded evaluator and an unblended investigator to administer the injections.
presents the same six classes of tea identified by the Heisses; describes where tea grows and how it is produced; and gives due coverage to the importance of blending (a topic not addressed in much detail by the Heisses, since they focus on unblended varieties).
The first evaluation should be of the individual, unblended components.
market, and former buyer for 67 Wines and Spirits, in New York City, says that these unblended Champagnes are "the purest expression of terroir that you will find in Champagne.
This is the stage that Boro are trying to reach, but they are still an unblended group, feeling their way, full of uncertainties and doubts.
While Boon sells a small quantity of unblended Iambic, 99% is blended into Geuze (a mix of old and new Iambic).
has launched Plucker's Pick, which it is billing as the first brand of tea to exclusively feature unblended, single garden-tea from Sri Lanka, which was known as Ceylon until 1972.
Indulge yourself in pure unblended sub-prime sweetness based exclusively on the seat of San Joaquin County.
Since ethanol has at times been cheaper than unblended mogas, it also has been found in concentrations greater than 10 percent, the common standard.
However, if the processor used the ethanol to make E85 (which would far exceed the renewable content requirement for gasoline), or used biodiesel to produce diesel fuel, it will have surplus RINs, which it can use to certify unblended gasoline, or sell to another producer to do the same.