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With WhatsApp working for a short while during the weekend, for some users, there was even speculation that the service was unblocked. But the services have stopped working since.
The blog post noted that in the case of this bug, it did not reinstate any friend connections that had been severed; 83 percent of people affected by the bug had only one person they had blocked temporarily unblocked; and someone who was unblocked might have been able to contact people on Messenger who had blocked them.
In case the handset is recovered, its IMEI number is unblocked by PTA after necessary verification of the ownership.
During year 2014, a total of 95,750 IMEIs were blocked after scrutiny of received complaints while 3,497 IMEIs were unblocked.
In the event the bank decides against releasing the funds now, the specific time deposits will be renewed for another six months and -- all other things being equal -- should be unblocked in July.
We are ready to create a negotiation group to normalize the situation in the capital but exceptionally after the work of the Government is unblocked, Mykola Azarov said.
Bosnian airline BH Airlines resumed flying on Wednesday after a bank unblocked its accounts, frozen in February over outstanding debt, Reuters reported an airline official as saying.BH Airlines is an airline rapidly headed in the same direction as many of the region's struggling flag carriers, with bank freezing accounts over unpaid leasing loans as losses mount.
The government had announced the unblocking of YouTube on Friday but as soon as the website was unblocked the blasphemous film 'Innocence of Muslims' was found available on the internet by Pakistani users.
Summary: Islamabad: Pakistan briefly unblocked access to the popular video sharing website YouTube before Prime Minister ...
In fact, last year for the first time Palestinian violations exceeded Israeli violations (106 and 100 respectively.) MADA had called repeatedly for the above-mentioned websites to be unblocked, most recently on World Press Freedom Day on 3 May 2012.
22 November 2011 - Danish wind and solar farm manager Greentech Energy Systems A/S (CPH:GES) said today that the court of Cagliari had unblocked seven of the 16 turbines of the company's Energia Alternativa (Cagliari II) wind farm in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Economy Minister Valon Saracini stated that Macedonia does not want a trade war with Kosovo and promised that soon the import of flour from Kosovo will be unblocked.