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As Anthony Lane wrote in his review, "The Artist will cleave--far more loyally than Mel Brooks' Silent Movie (1976) did--to the rules of the game, supplying not just printed titles, but a breathless musical score, unblushing melodrama, a bouquet of sight gags, a girl with a kiss curl, and a corpulent cop." And an Asta-like wire-haired fox terrier who almost steals the movie.
On the rhetorical level, the poet presents himself as a disinterested spokesman for social consensus, representing the world's and the young man's allegedly interlinked interests while oscillating between tender reproach and unblushing praise.
My Messy Body takes an unblushing look at all the ways our body eliminates waste and explains the physiology and purpose of tears, sweat, earwax, nasal mucus/snot, urine/ pee, feces/poo, vomit and pus.
* An unblushing confidence that they are the defenders of the faith called to cleanse the church of Vatican II heresies, including the laity's participation in the administration and ministry of the church.
"The Ypsilanti Yagerites [sic] with unblushing foreheads, encouraged by the High Class Monthlies, carried matters so far that as a man of family, with growing sons and daughters, I could no longer admit the Family Press to my home.
[D]ictates of reason and utility are the results of circumstances which requires genius to discover, strength of mind to weigh, and patience to investigate: the language of natural rights require[s] nothing but a hard front, a hard heart and an unblushing countenance.
That has meant having to deal with unblushing troglodytes like Senators Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman, to get the requisite number to pass his healthcare bill, because not getting a bill passed, was not an option for this President.
The Oxford Dictionary of Popes describes John XXIII - elected Pope in May, 1410, during the Great Schism - as " an unscrupulous, grasping and ambitious man as well as an unblushing libertine."
Carolyn stands behind the bar, unblushing at the frequent ribaldry, as swift with the wisecracks as she is with handing out the halves of cider.
In fact, Louis described the American and British role in the establishment of Libya as "unblushing venture of military and economic imperialism".
been the fer de lance in the shanghaiing of Haywood, was an unblushing vendor of such services.
The show, based on the 1980 movie comedy, is set in 1979, in the antediluvian days before the business world gave up typewriters, Rolodexes, and unblushing sexism.