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The only way to stop this type of deflationary spiral is for the government to borrow and spend the unborrowed private sector savings.
The Central Bank uses its operational target (unborrowed reserves), over which it has deterministic control to influence the intermediate target (broad money) which eventually affects the ultimate targets (inflation and output).
No deduction will be allowed for the portion of the taxpayer's interest expense that is allocable to unborrowed policy cash values.
(1) Proceeds are deposited in borrower's account that also contains unborrowed funds: The first expenditures made from the account (with two exceptions) will be treated as made from the debt proceeds to the extent thereof.
No deduction is allowed for the part of the taxpayer's interest expense which is "allocable to unborrowed policy cash values," which are defined as the excess of the cash surrender values (determined without regard to surrender charges) over the amount of any policy loans.
personal or home lines of credit, unborrowed credit card balances, life insurance cash values) or other reliable sources of borrowing (e.g., well-heeled parents, grandparents, or other relatives who would be willing to lend support in times of need); (f) the level and amount of the family's non-cash investments; and (g) any other factors increasing a family's financial risk or uncertainty, such as occupational and recreational risk levels and other habits and behaviors.
Before considering the narrow and broad definitions of the money stock, let us examine the monetary base, total reserves, and unborrowed reserves.
Such was the demand from short-sellers for the stock that traders were even betting on unborrowed stock, known as "naked short-selling".
Finally, there is an exception to the general rule of nondeductibility of interest expense allocable to unborrowed policy cash values.
The point that Pakistan should have had large holdings of unborrowed international reserves is supported by numerous studies on reserves and adjustment.
Arnold, according to Swinburne, shows in the lines just quoted 'a subtle likeness to Wordsworth's purer notes, a likeness undefined and unborrowed', a likeness illustrated by 'the use of words usually kept back for prose (such as "convey")'.