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It seems strange to have to deduce that the angles of a triangle add to 180 by appealing to what goes on unboundedly far away.
2] unboundedly, then the condition numbers also grow to infinity for the Schur complement in (3.
This results in a one-parameter family of models, indexed by the cost of information, which nests both the standard state-dependent pricing model and the Calvo model of price adjustment as limiting cases (corresponding to an information cost of zero and an unboundedly large information cost, respectively).
rho]]B can be unboundedly small at the same time moment, for any pair of observables A and B and for any system.
At the other extreme, responsiveness that becomes unboundedly large implies that even a small first-period loss is multiplied into a huge withdrawal of funds.
There is no notion of an endpoint to that discovery: moral description is unboundedly rich.