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Akali Dal and BJP have unbreakable bond," he told ANI.
However she now knows better and is going to make her heart unbreakable.
We wanted to create a crystal-inspired unbreakable drinkware line that looks and feels luxurious," said co-founder and creative director, Alaina Young.
She announced an accompanying Unbreakable World Tour , with dates in North America and Europe, leaving fans in the Middle East wondering when she would make a date with this part of the world.
Janet's forthcoming album Unbreakable will be released this autumn with the pop star taking total creative control since the dismal sales of her last album Discipline.
the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3, features that are above and beyond
And, as smartphones increasingly look alike - the converging form factor - an unbreakable screen could be a big selling point for the Galaxy, which is battling Apple Inc's iPhone to lead the $200 billion plus smartphone market.
Mr Lucas has now backed Ms Roberts' call for the unbreakable polycarbonate to be used to prevent further injuries.
The Oracle Linux Premier Support subscription applies to Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel," Oracle said in a statement.
Channel 5's Unbreakable took eight people to some of the world's harshest environments to see what they are really made of.
Those piranhas weres cary in Guyana, for sure," says Heather, a contestant on Channel 5's new realitys how Unbreakable, which pits contestants against some of the harshest conditions on the planet.
has announced that Oracle Unbreakable Linux support customers at the Basic and Premier support levels can download and deploy Oracle(R) Clusterware at no additional license fee or support cost.